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About PC Inspection Services, LLC


Manufacturing facilities around the world are under heavy pressure to perform to an elevated standard of quality. Understanding your customer's requirements and exceeding their expectations may require the occasional use of a third party Inspection Company to be successful. PC Inspection Services, LLC provides such services.


PC Inspection Services boasts over 10+ years of experience in serving our customers. We provide professional and reliable quality control inspection services throughout the country. Over the years we have enhanced our processes and achieved our goals as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are continually dedicated to process improvement to better serve our customers.     

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The first step in resolution of any non-conforming quality issue should be to contact us.  Making the right choice in containment inspection services will make your job easier, help you to keep your profits, and make your customers happy!  

Better than market pricing!

PC Inspection Services Offers


Our team of trained Inspectors is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, able to work shifts and weekends as required.  By providing the skilled and trained people to our customers, PC has become an integral part of the supply chain in every aspect of automotive production.

PC Provides


PC provides rapid response quality sorting and inspection services, which assists our clients in delivering 100% first time quality parts, on time, to their customers.  PC inspection services provides responsive services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers in the Automotive industries.  PC Inspection Services can also provide you with temporary or temporary to permanent personnel for all of your assembly and production needs.

Why Use PC Services?


When you hire us, we immediately become part of your team. Your problem is our business. We are there for you and do whatever it takes to get your parts out the door, on time and with 100% quality.  PC provides the most accurate work while giving you the best possible price.



PC Inspection is the Best Choice for Your Inspection and Quality Control Needs. Here at PC we follow best practice processes in inspection, sorting, containment and rework following detailed and documented work instructions. We supervise and manage our inspectors, develop written work instructions for our customer's approval – keeping you informed and our customers productive. We provide work environments where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence. We also strive to beat the industry standard in service to our customers.  We maintain a superior level of integrity in interactions with business partners and associates. While you deal with the root cause and implement corrective action, partner with PC and let us protect you and your end user by segregating, containing, and certifying your product. We recruit and hire professional individuals who undergo extensive testing, hands on training and who are dedicated to doing their best, and we provide constant supervision to ensure we are meeting and exceeding customer expectations.  PC delivers the most responsive and highest quality Inspection Services in the automotive industry. The driving goal behind the way our team operates is to first contain the customer's problem and then to provide the support needed for the supplier to resolve the problem.

  • Inspection 
  • Sorting/Containment 
  • Rework/Repair 
  • Customer Representation
  • Quality Control Needs
  • ISO internal auditing and consulting

We inspect suspect material according to clearly designated criteria and procedures.  

We separate and mark each inspected part as conforming or non-conforming.  

We deliver a report to appropriate quality personnel.  

We keep you informed as the work is done. 

Reports are sent to the contracting supplier after each sort, or each day's activity. 

"Customer Testimonial"

I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with the job PC Inspection Servives has been doing here at our plant. They have done a really great job in supporting us. PC has responded quickly to all sorting and inspection requests that have been initiated by either us internally or by our Tier-level suppliers. I have been very satisfied with the performance of PC and the people working for them. The Supervisors and Managers have done a great job helping to make sure all of the assignments are completed on time and done thoroughly.

Ray  QA Engineer/Sup 

I would like to thank you and your staff  for the work completed. PC's attention to detail and good attendance has kept our company in a favorable position with our customers, we appreciate the dedication and efforts! Again, I can't thank you and your employees enough for the work you have done for us!

Paul Sr. Quality Manager 

I have been doing business with PC Inspection Services for over 7 years. PC does a great job for us. PC offers unparalleled quality services. We have always been pleased with the professional way they conduct their daily business. I can’t help but note that they never complain and have always been ready to tackle another job.  PC's organization, reliability and understanding of the quality of the automobile industry has helped us in many situations.  PC is always on time and ready to work. PC inspectors receive thorough hands on training and they are supervised at all times. Anything we ask of PC they make sure they do all they can to get the job done.  PC follows work operation instructions provided by us or our customer.  PC also writes their own work operations standard for the inspectors to follow. PC is a great inspection company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Clint Quality Manager 

I would like to thank PC Inspection Services for the great job they have done for my company. I had another sorting company doing a sort for us and they were late everyday and did a terrible job sorting my parts. I called PC Inspection Services and they came in last minute on a Friday and for weekend work. They are always on time and do a super job sorting our parts. I was proud how they handled everything with their processes. I am so glad I called PC and would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks PC for your support.

Dennis Quality Manager 

I have done business with a lot of sorting and temp services in the past. I have to say I have never had a owner call, come by or even email me. This is the first company I have ever worked with that the actual owner called me and made sure we were satisfied with their services. I was so excited that the owner took time to contact our company. PC Inspection and Cross Employment Services have done a great job for our company and I recommend everyone to use them for all their inspection and temp services needs. They are the best. Thanks PC Inspection services and Cross Employment services for all you have done for our company. 

Jake Plant Manager 

Just wanted to let you know, though I’m sure you’re already aware, that your inspection team came in on time as requested ready to work and knocked out the sort for me with no issues. So far, I have nothing but praise for the work and professionalism so thank you for that. Honestly, from what your company and I have discussed and from what I’ve seen, your company pretty well have every other sorting company beat hands-down (excellent training, employees, etc). Your current trajectory looks nothing short of to the top from my viewpoint. As long as I am able I will continue to use your services for any sorting I need.

Matthew Quality Control 

I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with the job Cross Employment and PC Inspection Services has been doing here at our plant. Employment Services and PC Inspection Services have done a great job for our company and I recommend everyone to use them for all their inspection and temp services needs. They are the best. I have nothing but praise for the work and professionalism that your service have done for our company, so thank you for that.

Bill Vice President 

"What Our Employees Are Saying"

"Working for PC has been a great opportunity for me.  I work with a wonderful, supportive team and look forward to being part of things to come.”

Quality Inspector

I have enjoyed working with PC Inspection Services. They do a great job making sure all inspectors are trained well before they start the jobs they are on.


I have been with PC Services for over 3 years and proud to work for this company. PC gave me the opportunity as one of their OPS Manager and I love coming to work everyday there is always something new to learn everyday.

OPS Manager

Inspection & Containment



Every job is unique. Each job has its own set of instructions, actions and outcomes. While the jobs are unique, PC process is integrated into our standard operating procedures.  When a job arises, PC Inspection steps up to the challenge. We work with you to identify the appropriate work instructions regarding the process of the job. Our Supervisor and Operations Manager will create  work instructions to assist on your project. Following written, and video training, PC is ready to go to work. All workers are trained on the necessary compliance and certification requirements. The work instructions provide ongoing process management ensuring to our customers a precise completion of all projects.

PC Inspection Flow Chart


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